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Cybersecurity is a rapidly expanding field, and as a consequence, the demand for experts with the necessary skills and certifications is increasing. For those working in cybersecurity, the CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CYSA+) credentials are one of the most sought-after certifications. Specialists in threat intelligence and security operations, particularly those aiming to advance in the field, ought to deploy it.

The CySA+ is an internationally renowned certification launched by information technology industry leaders to guarantee that security experts possess the abilities and expertise required to protect organizations from cybersecurity attacks.

The exam covers a wide range of subjects, such as vulnerability management and security analytics; threat identification and reaction; managing cyber incidents, and more. 

Regardless of the system being attacked or the language being used, CompTIA claims that the main objective of awarding a CySA+ certification is to demonstrate an individual's skills as a cybersecurity analyst who can monitor and identify vulnerabilities throughout a network, and respond to and mitigate them.

How Is CompTIA CySA+ Worth?

There are multiple distinct motivations for an individual to pursue CySA+ certification. When pursuing success in the field of IT networks, this certification may assist you:

There are no prerequisites for CySA+, but CompTIA Network+, Security+, or equivalent experience is recommended before moving on to CySA+. There is a technical, practical emphasis on the CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) exam. Individuals who obtain the certification will demonstrate a thorough understanding of particular security issues, such as the capacity to evaluate network reconnaissance data and apply cybersecurity tools and technologies for responses and defenses. Specifically, as stated on the official website, the CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst+ validates that candidates have the necessary skills to determine, contain, mitigate, and resolve vulnerabilities. It also attests to candidates' understanding of a data-driven approach to information security.  

Examinees can refresh their knowledge or pick up new skills in behavioral analytics to conduct vulnerability analysis and remediation across platforms and IT infrastructures to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) under work center standards, procedures, and security and assurance regulations. 

The Intermediate Security Analyst job roles that security analyst professionals currently hold are modeled after the CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) certification. It appears to be more closely related to the labor market and the new standards brought about by advancements in information security than other certifications. 

Furthermore, salary is an essential factor to consider whether to get CompTIA CySA+ certification or not. Indeed, the location, level of experience, and type of work are some of the variables that affect the average salary of a professional with the CompTIA CYSA+ certification. The average annual compensation for a CompTIA CYSA+ is approximately $76,000, according to Payscale.

It is important to remember that this figure can differ significantly based on the location and nature of the job. A smaller city's entry-level job salary for a CYSA+ certification, for instance, can be much lower than a larger city's senior role salary.

In short, the CySA+ can help you start or advance your cybersecurity career. This certification will demonstrate to potential employers your aptitude for success as an analyst. It's worth the effort even though the exam is challenging.

What Our CompTIA CySA+ Practice Exam Includes

Let’s take an overview of our practice examination. 

Overall, when it comes to the homepage of our website, what you catch at first sight are two main sections: “Practice CompTIA CySA+ Test By Topics” and “Take Full CompTIA CySA+ Practice Test”. To meet the learners’ needs, the former functions as learning materials that are categorized into different topics or domains covering nearly CompTIA CySA+ knowledge for practice. The latter mimics the real exam to check learners’ outcomes and create a chance for a mock test before taking the real one. 

Practice CompTIA CySA+ Test By Topics

The CompTIA CySA+ practice includes a combination of multiple-choice questions, divided into 5 core domains and a bonus questions domain:

  • Domain 1.0: Threats and Vulnerability Management.
  • Domain 2.0: Software and Systems Security 
  • Domain 3.0: Security Operations and Monitoring
  • Domain 4.0: Incidents Response
  • Domain 5.0: Compliance and Assessment.
  • Bonus questions.

Within each domain, there are different numbers of questions and levels. However, they share the same number of tests, comprising 2 tests, a mini one and a final one. We can divide the process of learning into 2 stages. Stage 1 involves the first 3 levels and a mini-test. Stage 2 includes the remaining levels and a final test. Each level involves 10 multiple-choice items. The mini-test comprises 30 questions covering knowledge of the whole first stage. The final test synthesizes all questions from previous levels to check learners' memory.  

Remember! Our results recording system will notify you of the results you have achieved after your first attempt, for example, 5/10. However, you must answer all questions correctly to be allowed to move to the next level. Hence, you are allowed to do it again more than once and the false questions will automatically return until you correct all of them. Of course, if you are confident in any topic, you can skip levels and move to the mini-test or the final test at hand. 

An extremely appreciated feature of our website is that after each question in the practice section, learners will immediately know whether their results are correct or incorrect. Furthermore, there will be an extremely detailed explanation for the question, which is right below the question section.

Take the Full CompTIA CySA+ Practice Test

After practicing proficiently in the practice section introduced above, learners can choose a "full test" to check their current level. The CompTIA CySA+ exam simulates the real exam format.

The test includes 85 multiple-choice questions within 2 hours and 45 minutes. Contestants will take the test within the allotted time frame. The test is passed when the test-taker scores at least 750 on a scale of 100 to 900. The clock placed right above the question section helps test takers be proactive in managing their exam time. 

An outstanding feature is that test takers will not immediately know the results of each question in this part like in the practice one. After completing all the questions and receiving the final results, test takers will have the opportunity to review all the questions to see which ones they got right and which ones they got wrong. Detailed explanations for the answers are also attached right below each question. This helps test takers review knowledge more deeply and gain experience for the next test, especially in the real exam.

For convenience of use, we also released a mobile version of the application. Operations in the phone application remain the same as on the website. The only difference is that after completing the questions, you must click “Submit” to receive the final results of the test.

Practicing before taking any exam is extremely necessary. Finding a reputable and effective learning source is even more important. Each choice you make can determine success or failure. Trust me! The CompTIA CySA+ practice exam will accompany you on the path to achieving certification. Don't wait any longer, download the CompTIA CySA+ 2024 application on the App Store or Google Play or go to the website https://easy-prep.org/cysa-practice-test.