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PL-300 is a Microsoft certification exam that focuses on the Power BI tool, developing, building, and executing solutions, and encouraging corporate adoption of the Power Platform. There are four functional groupings for the skills:
  • Prepare data (25–30%): Gather data from various sources; prepare, modify, and import the data.
  • Model data (20–30%): Construct and design a data model; use DAX to calculate the model; and maximize model efficiency.
  • Visualize and analyze data (25-30%): Make dashboards and reports; improve the storytelling and usability of information; spot trends and patterns.
  • Deploy and maintain assets (15-20%): Organize files, datasets, and workspaces.

Why Should Take PL-300 Examination and Get Certified

The widespread recognition of Microsoft examinations and certifications increases your attractiveness as a candidate for BI jobs. Some noteworthy advantages of passing the PL-300 test are as follows:

Increased compensation

You may be accredited and receive a pay increase if you obtain a Microsoft certification, such as the PL-300. 37% of respondents said they received a pay raise of at least 20% due to earning an IT certification, according to Pearson's 2024 Value of IT Certification poll. Numerous job listing websites state that passing Microsoft's PL-300 test is a prerequisite for becoming a proficient Power BI data analyst, who can expect to make between $68,067 and $105,610 per year on average. 

Enhanced skill set

You have an advantage over your colleagues who are not qualified if you hold a role-based certification.

Improved Professional Prospects

Professionals can make a lasting impression on hiring managers by obtaining PL-300 certification. Candidates with practical experience with Power Platform solutions are sought after by employers, and PL-300 certification attests to the candidate's possession of the necessary abilities.

Maintain Relevance

Since the technology sector is always changing, it's critical to keep up with the newest trends and advancements. Professionals who hold the PL-300 certification are guaranteed to stay current and relevant with regard to Power Platform solutions.

What Our PL-300 Practice Exam Offers

Let’s take an overview of our practice examination.  Overall, when it comes to the homepage of our website, what catches your eyes, at first sight, are two main sections: “Practice PL-300 Test By Topics” and “Take Full PL-300 Practice Test”. To meet the learners’ needs, the former functions as learning materials that are categorized into different topics or domains covering nearly PL-300 knowledge for practice. The latter mimics the real exam to check learners’ outcomes and create a chance for a mock test before taking the real one. 

Practice PL-300 Test by Topics

All the practicing questions are multiple-choice ones and fall into 4 core domains:
  • Prepare data 
  • Model data 
  • Visualize and analyze data
  • Deploy and maintain assets
Within each domain, there are 7 levels and 2 tests, divided into 2 stages. Stage 1 includes the first 3 levels and a mini-test. Stage 2 includes 4 remaining levels and a final test. Each level includes 10 multiple-choice questions. The mini-test comprises 30 questions covering knowledge of the whole first stage. The final test comprises 70 questions covering knowledge of the whole topic.  Remember! Our results recording system will notify you of the results you have achieved after your first attempt, for example, 3/10. However, you must answer all questions correctly to be allowed to move to the next level. Hence, you are allowed to do it again more than once and the false questions will automatically return until you correct all of them. Of course, if you are confident in any topic, you can skip levels and move to the mini-test or the final test immediately. On a scale of 1 to 1,000, PL-300 has a passing score of 700. An extremely appreciated feature of our website is that after each question in the practice section, learners will immediately know whether their results are correct or incorrect. Furthermore, there will be an extremely detailed explanation for the question, which is right below the question section.

Take the Full PL-300 Practice Test

After practicing proficiently in the practice section introduced above, learners can choose a "full test" to check their current level. The PL-300 exam simulates the real exam format. The test includes 4 domains taken within a total of 1 hour and 40 minutes. Contestants will take the test within the allotted time frame. The clock placed right above the question section helps test takers be proactive in managing their exam time.  An outstanding feature is that test takers will not immediately know the results of each question in this part like in the practice one. After completing all the questions and receiving the final results, test takers will have the opportunity to review all the questions to see which ones they got right and which ones they got wrong. Detailed explanations for the answers are also attached right below each question. This helps test takers review knowledge more deeply and gain experience for the next test, especially in the real exam. For convenience of use, we also released a mobile version of the application. Operations in the phone application remain the same as on the website. The only difference is that after completing the questions, you must click “Submit” to receive the final results of the test. Practicing before taking any exam is extremely necessary. Finding a reputable and effective learning source is even more important. Each choice you make can determine success or failure. Trust me! The PL-300 practice exam will accompany you on the path to achieving PL-300 certification. Don't wait any longer, download the PL-300 Exam Prep 2024 application on the App Store or Google Play or go to the website https://easy-prep.org/pl-300-practice-test