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Our free AWS Cloud Practitioner practice tests feature all AWS Cloud Practitioner test subjects. We recommend taking at least one practice exam from every subject to guarantee your success at your local testing location. To get started, choose a category from the list below and practice them!

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AWS certifications can be obtained through completing training programs, getting hands-on lab experience, or getting experience through employment. IT workers can verify their expertise and technical proficiency by obtaining an AWS certification. Several AWS-certified cloud practitioners contend that earning their certification is worthwhile because it offers them a competitive advantage.

AWS Certification refers to several certification exams for cloud engineers, architects, and executives. Applicants can now take any AWS certification exam in the convenience of their own homes, even though there is an ample number of testing facilities available worldwide.

The main responsibility of an AWS cloud practitioner is to manage the cloud computing architecture of a company, including the development, implementation, and upkeep of cloud-based applications. You will collaborate closely with other IT specialists as an AWS cloud practitioner to guarantee that the cloud environment runs as planned and is constantly safe and accessible.

Usually, AWS will keep you informed about the most recent advancements in cloud computing, including new services and products. Additionally, you have to deploy apps and manage AWS services. Proficiency in technical skills and familiarity with cloud computing are essential for this position.

How Is AWS Cloud Practitioner Worth?

There are multiple distinct motivations for an individual to pursue AWS Cloud Practitioner certification. When pursuing success in the field of IT networks, this certification may assist you:

  • Enhanced recognition and credibility: By earning the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification, you'll be able to prove your commitment to and expertise with AWS and cloud computing. Additionally, your clients, employers, and coworkers will acknowledge you as a qualified and certified AWS professional.  
  • Greater career opportunities: Earning the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification will increase your chances of landing a job or moving up the IT company's ladder. Based on a global knowledge survey, AWS certifications rank among the most valuable and lucrative IT certifications globally. Experts certified by Amazon earn USD 113,000 on average per year, more than the average for all IT professionals in the country. Furthermore, with over a million active customers and a 32% market share, AWS is the largest cloud service provider in the industry, putting its certified experts in high demand. 
  • Enhancement of comprehension of AWS: Obtaining the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification will help you gain a deeper comprehension of AWS and its functionalities, which will facilitate problem-solving and increase productivity. Using standard AWS terminology and concepts, you will also be able to communicate with other AWS professionals and stakeholders effectively. Moreover, you will have the ability to utilize AWS design principles and best practices to generate the best possible solutions for your business requirements.  
  • An improved educational route: The AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification will give you a solid basis on which to build your cloud computing journey. There are still more AWS certifications available, including Associate degrees in AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Associate degrees in AWS Certified Developer, and Associate degrees in AWS Certified SysOps Administrator. Gaining deeper knowledge and skills in specific AWS roles and areas through these certifications can help you advance in your career. 
  • High Popularity: Cloud computing is going to become even more common, which is why IT professionals need to become familiar with it. A mass migration to the cloud is occurring across all industries, including but not limited to machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Former IT specialists concur that to stay competitive in the modern era, cloud computing adaptation is essential. Therefore, obtaining an AWS certification can help you advance and establish your expertise in the field of Internet technology.

What Our AWS Cloud Practitioner Practice Exam Includes

Let’s take an overview of our practice examination. 

Overall, when it comes to the homepage of our website, what catches your eyes at first sight are two main sections: “Practice AWS Cloud Practitioner Test By Topics” and “Take Full AWS Cloud Practitioner Practice Test”. To meet the learners’ needs, the former functions as learning materials that are categorized into different topics or domains covering nearly AWS Cloud Practitioner knowledge for practice. The latter mimics the real exam to check learners’ outcomes and create a chance for a mock test before taking the real one. 

Practice AWS Cloud Practitioner Test By Topics

The AWS Cloud Practitioner practice includes a combination of multiple-choice questions, divided into 5 core domains and a bonus question domain:

  • Cloud concepts: Learn the basics of cloud computing, such as its benefits, deployment models, and pricing structures.
  • Billing, Pricing, and Support: Analyze AWS support plans, cost management tools, and billing and pricing practices. Analyze AWS service expenses and maximize your AWS spending plan.
  • Security and Compliance: Discover more about the AWS compliance programs, suggested security procedures, and shared responsibility model. With Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM), you can control who has access to AWS services.
  • Cloud Technologies and Services: Examine the core AWS services, including networking, storage, database, processing, security, and administration tools. Use the AWS CLI and AWS console to interact with AWS resources.
  • Bonus questions: support further questions for practicing. 

Within each domain, there may be different questions and levels. However, they share the same number of tests, comprising 2 tests, a mini one and a final one. We can divide the process of learning into 2 stages. Stage 1 involves the first 3 levels and a mini-test. Stage 2 includes the remaining levels and a final test. Each level involves at least 10 multiple-choice items. The mini-test comprises roughly 30 questions covering knowledge of the whole first stage. The final test synthesizes all questions from previous levels to check learners' memory.  

Remember! Our results recording system will notify you of the results you have achieved after your first attempt, for example, 5/10. However, you must answer all questions correctly to be allowed to move to the next level. Hence, you are allowed to do it again more than once and the false questions will automatically return until you correct all of them. Of course, if you are confident in any topic, you can skip levels and move to the mini-test or the final test at hand. You are considered to have passed the exams if your score is 700 on a scale of 100 to 1000. 

An extremely appreciated feature of our website is that after each question in the practice section, learners will immediately know whether their results are correct or incorrect. Furthermore, there will be an extremely detailed explanation for the question, which is right below the question section.

Take the Full AWS Cloud Practitioner Practice Test

After practicing proficiently in the practice section introduced above, learners can choose a "full test" to check their current level. The AWS Cloud Practitioner exam simulates the real exam format.

The test includes 65 multiple-choice questions within 1 and a half hours. Contestants will take the test within the allotted time frame. The test is passed when the test taker achieves at least 70% correct to pass this exam. The clock placed right above the question section helps test takers be proactive in managing their exam time. 

An outstanding feature is that test takers will not immediately know the results of each question in this part like in the practice one. After completing all the questions and receiving the final results, test takers will have the opportunity to review all the questions to see which ones they got right and which ones they got wrong. Detailed explanations for the answers are also attached right below each question. This helps test takers review knowledge more deeply and gain experience for the next test, especially in the real exam.

For convenience of use, we also released a mobile version of the application. Operations in the phone application remain the same as on the website. The only difference is that after completing the questions, you must click “Submit” to receive the final results of the test.

Practicing before taking any exam is extremely necessary. Finding a reputable and effective learning source is even more important. Each choice you make can determine success or failure. Trust me! The AWS Cloud Practitioner practice exam will accompany you on the path to achieving certification. Don't wait any longer, download the AWS Cloud Practitioner application on the App Store or Google Play or go to the website https://easy-prep.org/free-aws-cloud-practitioner-practice-exam.