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Our free PMP practice tests feature all PMP test subjects. We recommend taking at least one practice exam from every subject to guarantee your success at your local testing location. To get started, choose a category from the list below and practice them!

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Updated PMP Practicing Questions For The 2024 PMP Real Test

The Project Management Professional (PMP) credential is a worldwide accepted project leadership certification that evaluates an applicant's capacity to manage an official project's people, processes, and business priorities. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), which issues the certification, there are more than a million PMP-certified individuals around the globe. It can be applied to project managers in almost any industry, including business, IT, construction, and health. Meeting the experience requirements and passing the certification exam are prerequisites for obtaining this certification. 

How Is PMP Worth?

Ultimately, it will depend on your particular situation whether getting a PMP certification will benefit you professionally and monetarily. To assist you in making your choice, here are some advantages you might experience after earning a PMP.

  • Industry recognition: Having earned the PMP certification, you can demonstrate to potential employers or clients that you possess the expertise and training needed to be a professional in the field of project management.
  • Getting new skills: As you study for the test, you'll probably pick up a lot of knowledge about project management. Investing several hours to learn the basics of project management, such as budgeting and conflict resolution, will improve your management abilities.
  • Higher payment: According to a recent survey by the PMI, US participants indicated that the median salary for those with the certification was $123,000, while those without it were $93,000. Additionally, median pay tended to rise with the length of PMP certification. According to PC Magazine, the PMP certification came in seventh place among IT certifications associated with the highest pay in the field.
  • Job outlook: Employers will require 87.7 million people to fill project management positions by 2027, per a report prepared by PMI and the Anderson Economic Group. The healthcare industry is predicted to continue expanding, but significant gains are also anticipated in the construction, information services, finance, and insurance sectors. 

As aforementioned, you will obtain a plethora of benefits if you possess a PMP certification. What about taking a PMP exam to get that certification to make your CV more professional? If you are seeking a credit platform for practicing before entering a real one,  we offer you the “PMP Practice Test”.  

What Our PMP Practice Exam Includes

Let’s take an overview of our practice examination. 

Overall, when it comes to the homepage of our website, what catches your eyes at first sight are two main sections: “Practice PMP Test By Topics” and “Take Full PMP Practice Test”. To meet the learners’ needs, the former functions as learning materials that are categorized into different topics or domains covering nearly PMP knowledge for practice. The latter mimics the real exam to check learners’ outcomes and create a chance for a mock test before taking the real one. 

Practice PMP Test By Topics

All the practicing questions are multiple-choice ones and fall into three core domains and a bonus one:

  • People (Domain 1.0): normally, this domain accounts for 42% of the total exam, containing questions on mentoring, managing conflict, leading and developing teams, and other relevant subjects.
  • Process (Domain 2.0): this portion makes up half of the exam, check with the test-takers on the process of completing a project. 
  • Business Environment (Domain 3.0): this topic constitutes only 8% of the test. The business environment portion of the exam covers the more business-oriented aspects of being a project manager, such as legal compliance, showing worth, and facilitating change in an organization.
  • Bonus questions: this portion is to add many more questions for learners to learn and practice.

Within each domain, there are 7 levels and 2 tests, divided into 2 stages. Stage 1 includes the first 3 levels and a mini-test. Stage 2 includes 4 remaining levels and a final test. Each level includes 10 multiple-choice questions. The mini-test comprises 30 questions covering knowledge of the whole first stage. The final test comprises 70 questions covering knowledge of the whole topic. 

Remember! Our results recording system will notify you of the results you have achieved after your first attempt, for example, 3/10. However, you must answer all questions correctly to be allowed to move to the next level. Hence, you are allowed to do it again more than once and the false questions will automatically return until you correct all of them. Of course, if you are confident in any topic, you can skip levels and move to the mini-test or the final test immediately. Indeed, there is no published pass mark for this test. The Project Management Institute kept this information private. 

An extremely appreciated feature of our website is that after each question in the practice section, learners will immediately know whether their results are correct or incorrect. Furthermore, there will be an extremely detailed explanation for the question, which is right below the question section.

Take the Full PMP Practice Test

After practicing proficiently in the practice section introduced above, learners can choose a "full test" to check their current level. The PMP exam simulates the real exam format.

The test includes 275 multiple-choice questions within 3 hours and 50 minutes. Contestants will take the test within the allotted time frame. The clock placed right above the question section helps test takers be proactive in managing their exam time. 

An outstanding feature is that test takers will not immediately know the results of each question in this part like in the practice one. After completing all the questions and receiving the final results, test takers will have the opportunity to review all the questions to see which ones they got right and which ones they got wrong. Detailed explanations for the answers are also attached right below each question. This helps test takers review knowledge more deeply and gain experience for the next test, especially in the real exam.

For convenience of use, we also released a mobile version of the application. Operations in the phone application remain the same as on the website. The only difference is that after completing the questions, you must click “Submit” to receive the final results of the test.

Practicing before taking any exam is extremely necessary. Finding a reputable and effective learning source is even more important. Each choice you make can determine success or failure. Trust me! The PMP practice exam will accompany you on the path to achieving PMP certification. Don't wait any longer, download the PMP Exam Prep 2024 application on the App Store or Google Play or directly go to the website https://easy-prep.org/pmp-exam-prep.